Big Changes at Bulletin Digest!

01/08/2022 — We are working hard to make Bulletin Digest more accessible, easier to use, and more efficient for our members. With that goal in mind, we have made several changes to our website.

First, we have eliminated the “Extended” membership. For those who wish to purchase a term longer than one year, email us with your request. We may also offer discount codes for multi-year purchases.

Second, we have changed the names of our membership levels. The “Free” level has been changed to “Trial,” and the “Premium” level has been changed to “Annual.” Additionally, we have added a third level, called “Monthly.”

Third, beginning on Monday, we are launching two newsletters. The first, simply called the Bulletin Digest Newsletter, will be delivered to the email address of all paid members each week. It will contain four or five articles, plus fillers, poems, and other written materials. This material will also be posted to the website, but many have expressed interest in getting it by email also, and so this newsletter will meet that goal. The second newsletter, called Preaching Ideas, will also be sent to all paid members. It will contain sermon seeds, illustrations, brief outlines, and other tidbits to help spark a preacher’s creative process for sermon creation. The Preaching Ideas material will not be posted to the website, and is exclusive for Monthly and Annual members.

We hope you enjoy these newsletters, and the other changes on the site!

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