A Blessing

[158 words]

One day I paused to see the need
Of a poor man beside the way
And thought to divest myself of greed
And help him just today.
My mind kept saying, “He’s no good,
He brought it on himself.”
But my heart kept saying, “I really should
Just do it for myself.”
I gave my hand to lift him up
And brought him to his feet.
What harm if we together sup,
Then part upon the street?
This was to be my day of days,
And joy would fill my soul
For when I met his level gaze,
I saw our Lord’s dear goal.
I fed him well and clothed him, too.
We talked ’til break of day.
I knew not how much good ’twould do
As we parted upon the way.
But, oh, the joy that fills my heart,
That sets my soul aflame;
And gives my spirit a fresh, new start
To extol His holy name.

James W. Watkins

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