Lessons Learned from Joshua

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The book of Joshua is so great. Not only is it “for our instruction…and…encouragement” (Romans 15:4), it is captivating!

Joshua tells us of war and intrigue, victories and losses, warnings and challenges, miraculous signs and wonders (huge fortified walls crashing down, a river drying up for people to cross, the sun standing still, etc.)—it has it all! The historical account alone is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. But the spiritual lessons are even greater!

In Joshua we learn about how God… 

Rescues Sinners. Rahab would have been easy to overlook and leave behind. However, Joshua kept his promise and that sinner was saved (Josh. 6:22-23). The people of Gibeon deceived Israel, then begged for protection. Again, Joshua kept his promise and delivered the people from harm (Josh. 9:18-21; 10:6-7). These events remind us that Jesus brings salvation to those who have neither earned nor deserve deliverance (Romans 5:6-8). 

Conquers His Enemies. Take your pick here, there are many options. The Lord was the military strength leading Joshua and Israel to victory in war (Josh. 1:15; 10:30; 11:8; et. al.). These events remind us that Jesus the Lamb of God conquers all who oppose Him (Rev. 17:14). 

Shares the Inheritance with His People. A significant portion of Joshua records the division of the land of Canaan to the tribes of Israel (chapters 14-21). Israel’s promised inheritance was realized (Josh. 21:43-45). These events remind us that not only does God keep His promises, but He is also generous and kind! (cf. Gal. 3:29; Heb. 4:8-11).

May we continue to learn and love the lessons taught by the book of Joshua!

Bart Warren
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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