Let Your love Light Shine

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One of the most famous light houses in America is Minot’s Ledge Light House off shore from Scituate, Massachusetts. It is not known for its age or beauty. Though it has a rich, interesting history, it is perhaps best known for its light flashing, in nautical code, “1-4-3.” The flashing lantern was installed in 1894 by the Coast Guard, a simple flashing sequence. But, to so many, it quickly came to mean much more.

The wife of light-keeper Winfield Scott Thompson told her small children that Thompson was telling them how much he loved them every night with this “l love you” flash. Many sailors, long at sea, have taken comfort by Minot’s Ledge flashing signal. Several years ago, the Coast Guard decided to replace the old equipment. They informed the residents that the new equipment would not be able to flash “143” and the outcry was such that the Coast Guard eventually gave in to it. The old equipment remained, flashing its message of love to all who came within its reach and influence (info via Boston.com).

Minot’s Ledge Light House is known as the “lover’s light.” What a wonderful reputation! You and I are flashing signals, too. The signals are perhaps at times neutral, but in the overall they are either loving or unloving. Our actions, our words, and our attitudes convey a message about us. They may repel or attract. It depends on what signals we are sending.

Jesus tells us that His church should be shining a loving light (John 13:34-35). We should be renowned as a loving people. Husbands (Ephesians 5:25) and wives (Titus 2:5) are told to let their love lights shine toward each other. Parents are to love their children in a way that is plainly evident (Titus 2:5; 1 Timothy 2:15).

What signal are you emitting? If you are Christ’s, it will be loving. Let your love light shine and it will bless all who come within your reach and influence.

Neal Pollard
via Bear Valley church of Christ
Denver, CO

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