Puncture-Proof Christian

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You know, I like some of these new fangled inventions. The puncture-proof tire is the one I like especially well. If you’re driving along with the ordinary tires, and a nail goes through them—whiss—you lose all the air. But a puncture-proof tire is different. If a nail goes through it, some stuff inside runs around and stops the hole and the air stays. You know, the heart of a Christian is like this puncture-proof tire. An ordinary heart may be filled with love, but when someone does something to puncture that heart all the love runs out and hatred and hard feelings take its place. But a puncture-proof heart is different. It is filled with the spirit of Christ and when someone, through his words or actions, punctures that heart, immediately the hole is stopped up tight and love stays in.

Marshall Keeble
via San Augustine church of Christ
San Augustine, TX

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