Three Great Principles

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Life is Tough. Job observed that man has but a few days, and they are full of trouble. Jesus said that each day has its own evil. The wise man Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes about the subject…Heaven is not on earth. Nothing is ever as good as we think or as bad as we think…Christians are not immunized, exempted from the pains of life…Being human is hazardous to your health.

God is Good. Do not confuse God with life! Life is tough, unfair. God is good. Don’t blame God first then pray last. Pray first and blame Satan…God can be trusted…We can give ourselves totally to God. Faith does not give us the answers; faith allows us to live without the answers…In Job’s deepest distress declared of God and his faith in Him, “Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him” (Job 13:15)…Nothing touches us that has not already passed through the hands of God. The secret to our life is God, not circumstances. Things don’t work out–God works things out.

Heaven is Sure. Day by day we must remind ourselves about our deaths. In Christ’s resurrection we have the hope that when life is over it is not over…God wants me in heaven. He wants you in heaven too! What a blessed hope!…We must want to go to heaven more than anything else on earth.

Charles Hodge
(condensed from May 2001 Gospel Advocate)

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