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If the Lord Jesus is the only Savior and Judge of all mankind, we should listen to Him. I am amazed at how people claim to love Him but are unwilling to hear what He says about the most basic things of life.

When the Lord Jesus, who bore the cross, speaks of how to be saved (and He is the Savior), then why would anyone want to edit or correct Him and propose an alternative? The sinner’s prayer is an alternative, and quite modern and without biblical foundation. Sprinkling for baptism is an alternative and does not accomplish what the word baptism means (an immersion). Baptizing infants and small children is an alternative never found in the Scriptures. Faith is necessary, but faith alone for salvation is a human construct that ignores many other things just as necessary (love, repentance, and obedience).

If the Lord Jesus is the One who adds us to His church, which He purchased with His own blood, then we should recognize that He is the One and only head of the church. 

If we worship the Father in heaven and call Him our God, should we not seek to please Him rather than ourselves? Loving means listening to the One we love to hear what He desires and doing it. Let’s love Him first and foremost.

Phil Sanders
via Monticello church of Christ
Monticello, AR

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