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Any runner, cyclist, or truck driver will have experienced this phenomenon. When you are going into a headwind, you notice it. The wind buffets your efforts, you feel every moment of discomfort and pushback. However, when you go back in the other direction when the wind is at your back, you don’t much think about how it pushing you along if you are even are mindful of it.

The headwind is constantly fought and on your mind; the tailwind isn’t as noticed and quickly forgotten.

It’s not just a wind issue. The problems and difficulties of life tend to be right in our face, a constant reminder, yet the blessing we receive, the good parts, we tend to let slip away.

Is it any wonder we are miserable?

Right now if I asked you to tell me things that are wrong in your world, you could answer in a moment and probably have a hard time limiting them to five. However, if we really sat down and thought about all we have and how we have been blessed, the list of good to bad would out weight it astronomically.

Next time you curse the headwinds of life, you are wondering why things are so hard, why everything seems so wrong, stop and check the wind. I bet the headwinds of life are not much more than the tailwinds. Count your blessing. Think about the advantages you have. That thankfulness will help to offset the obtrusiveness of life’s problems.

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits” (Psalms 103:2).

Barry Haynes
Hope, AR

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