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Toward the end of the year, we begin to focus on the “new.” We enjoy giving and receiving “new” presents, and we look forward to the hope of a “new” year. A blank calendar page represents fresh opportunity, but what will we do with it?

Hezekiah was known as a man who received renewed opportunity from the Lord. A godly king, Hekeziah destroyed the idols in Judah (2 Kings 18:4) and trusted God (2 Kings 18:5-6).

When Assyria came knocking on the door threatening to destroy Jerusalem, Hezekiah prayed (2 Kings 19:15-19), and God spared Judah. When Hezekiah fell ill, and God told him that he would not survive, Hezekiah again went to the Lord in earnest prayer, and God extended his life by 15 years (2 Kings 20:1-6).

Two challenges in Hezekiah’s day were overcome by going to God in prayer. The nation now had renewed hope, and Hezekiah especially should have been filled with new enthusiasm for the future after God spared his life.

However, when a third challenge presents itself, Hezekiah seems to display resignation and selfishness. Isaiah reveals to him that Babylon would soon come and take away the wealth of Judah, as well as Hezekiah’s own descendants (2 Kings 20:16-18). Instead of meeting this challenge with more prayer, Hezekiah says, “The word of the Lord which you have spoken is good!” and “Will there not be peace and truth at least in my days?” (2 Kings 20:19). Hezekiah was given new opportunities, but he was content to live with his personal blessings, and gave no prayer for the future generations.

As Christians, we have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, and walk in newness of life. We’ve had our lives extended eternally! But what about the lost around us? What about future generations? Will we be content with our own salvation, and give no thought, prayer, or action for the salvation of others?

What will we do with the new?

Matt Clifton
Judsonia church of Christ
Judsonia, AR

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As the church secretary, I so appreciate being able to come to this website and chose from so many good, sound scriptural articles for our bulletin each week. It makes my job so much easier, and eliminates a lot of typing and paper keeping! Please don’t ever go away! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Sheri, thank you so much for your encouraging message! I am very thankful that we are able to help you in your work for the Lord! Thank you for supporting this work!

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