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Attendance: No one can learn anything from Bible class if they are not there. Constant attendance will help reinforce the lessons being repeated each week. Attendance not only means being there every time but also on time. Not a minute of instruction time should be missed if you want the child to receive the full effect of Bible class. 

Bible: No student is complete in Bible class without a Bible. From the moment a child can read they should have their own Bible that they can study from. Select a translation that they can understand, but don’t sacrifice readability for accuracy. A fancy cover may be pleasing to the eye, but a Bible they can find scripture in and read from themselves is far better for them. A Bible left in the car or a home is the same as having no Bible at all.

Concerned Parents: A Bible lesson is soon forgotten if not followed up on. Ask your child about what they learned in Bible class. Re-read the text from class to them during the week. When your child sees you interested in Bible class, it will help them become interested.

Barry Haynes
Hope church of Christ
Hope, AR

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