May 2021, Vol. 40, No. 5

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Seems Right, or Actually Right?

posted on May 5, 2021

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There are a lot of things I could tell you that you’d probably believe. How about: I went to the gym yesterday for about two hours. Just as you are about to compliment my efforts my wife walks by and says “No, he didn’t! He sat around like a bum and watched TV all day.” Do you see how that works? You thought you knew the truth but another voice set you straight. As Proverbs 18:17 says “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.”

Have you ever wondered what you believe simply because it was the first thing you heard? Because Dad said it, because an older brother said it, because your all-wise kindergarten teacher said it, you believe it. Their statements seemed right to you at the time so you accepted them. Sadly, our role models do not always speak the truth. I suggest opening God’s Word and letting what you read challenge your beliefs. Perhaps then what only seems right will be replaced with what is actually right.

Doug Wells
Camden Avenue church of Christ
Parkersburg, WV

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